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A Kingdom of Copper Feast!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Assalamu aleikum!

Welcome to Fofky's Kitchen! Today, we're sharing a medieval meal from The Kingdom of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty.

The paperback version of Book 2 has three recipes which are Judhaba, Pistachio-Stuffed Date Fritters and Tamarind Juice. It also has an excerpt from The Empire of Gold. The tidbit is a POV of Manizeh! Nahri gets a lot of her character and poker face from her mom. You have to read it! Anyway, let's get back to the food, shall we?

Judhaba also known as Judhaab is a roasted chicken dish with a savory bread pudding. It's very sweet, layered with various flavors, and it's definitely comfort food. We used a Cornish Hen for ease of presentation, and we added some craisins to the DICED fruit filling. Additionally, instead of pomegranate molasses, we used a mixture of tamarind paste, date paste, lemon juice and sugar. Everything else, including the rose water was used. Judhaba's bread pudding tasted like fried ripened plantain bananas! Simply scrumptious! Masha'Allah.

Pistachio-Stuffed Date Fritters are delicious. It's a nibble best served with a chilled drink. Try it today or during Ramadan.

Tamarind Juice is called Tomidji in Ivory Coast. You can use the special recipe of Chakraborty in the paperback of The Kingdom of Copper or you can use Fofky's Kitchen's special recipe in our hardback or paperback cookbook *winks.*

Tamarind Juice is sweet and very tangy. If you had peach juice before, you will notice the similarity.

All the dishes are yummy and perfect for family gatherings or simply a Sunday brunch. Try them today in your kitchen!

Total preparation time if you're alone: 3 - 4 hours

Food Budget: $20 - $30

Serves 2 - 4 persons

Thanks for reading,


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