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Book Lovers — A Review

Review by Musart Ellaahi

Book Lovers was a delight to read. It has the humor of "Bridget Jones Diary" with all the romance hitting the right places and spots. This is the first novel I have read by Emily Henry. Having read a novel after so many years I had totally forgot the escapism a novel like Book Lovers can provide. Nora, a hard-working book agent, comes to clash with a charming Charlie, an editor from another publishing house. Their first meeting which is brought with a lot of clashes, misunderstanding of one's past, and coincidence, brings them to meet over and over again whilst Nora is on a bucket list holiday with her sister Libby. Nora is someone who believes in looking out for her sister in a motherly way although she isn't married or had children of her own. Losing their mother so early makes the sisters bond even stronger. Their beautiful bond makes it hard to see who is playing the parent for the other. Although Nora is older, she looks out for Libby and Libby’s children. Libby is a foundation for Nora who is always there to make her feel grounded and special in all that she does. Charlie and Nora meeting over and over again with their chemistry oozing off the pages. You can literally feel their growing attraction of one another which had started like preschoolers wanting to pull each other's hair out (more so from Noras side!)

Seeing and meeting Charlie over and over again makes Nora realize that Charlie is a male version of herself. They have so much in common, it's uncanny; much less than Nora is willing to admit. Both characters have faced the similar adversities in their lives that has molded them onto who they are. Nora believes in working hard and being there for her sister in more ways than one. Charlie, on the other hand, is the same for his sister and being there for his father, although they aren't even on talking terms. They both have this exterior of an alpha person, but internally they are both soft as a marshmallow. This book is a great reminder of what emotions we go through as human beings and you can literally feel Nora as a character who brings humor in a beautiful twist, but you can also feel the pain behind this humor.

Emily Henry has this way of putting words together that seem poetic as well as making you feel in awe of the way the words are placed that tug at your heart. She is a writer that uses words in such a descriptive manner, and you are left wondering where did that sentence just take me? You are brought back to a memory that is attached to that line and reminded of that feeling, similar to how our cognitive memory is awakened when we remember a certain sound or smell a certain smell, honestly truly amazing.

I would highly recommend "Book Lovers" the title speaks for itself. If you, like me love reading beautiful words composed together, that binds relationships, ties romance, plays with your emotions and leaves you laughing and reaching for a box of tissues, you must read this masterpiece. I won't ruin the story for you, go get your copy to escape from your daily life to be left with a mix of emotions and the feeling of falling in love again.

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