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'EXPENDABLE' by Sahar Abdulaziz : An Upcoming Book Launch!

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Summary: Tethered to a man perfectly willing to destroy her sanity, Bella must somehow find the strength within herself to leave and never look back. Logan appears to all who know him as a charming and adoring husband, yet behind closed doors, a dangerous, darker side emerges. To his circle of unsuspecting friends, he is the master of his destiny. To the trail of broken women left behind, a cruel and callous monster. But to his family and most of all to Bella, he remains an inescapable and recurring nightmare. Trapped, isolated, and unable to seek help, Bella plots her escape, but time, as well as opportunity, are quickly running out. Blaming, shaming, power and control converge in Sahar Abdulaziz’s new contemporary fiction novel, EXPENDABLE–the intimate story behind the “normal” veneer of one couple’s unraveling marriage.

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Amazon Links: Pre-order eBook on Amazon today -> . Paperback link TBA.

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#ProtectYourHeart #EmotionalAbuseisAbuse #BewareofNarcissists 💥Expendable — July 2018

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