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EXPENDABLE's Book Launch

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Peace and Blessings! Welcome to the official book launch for EXPENDABLE by Sahar Abdulaziz.

Thank you for joining us. Please come in.

Check out the video below.



Closing Time

SHE SAT MOTIONLESS IN the metal chair.

With less than ten minutes before closing time, the mall’s cleaning staff scurried about in full force, anxious to finish up for the night. Security began making their appointed rounds, peeking down each mall corridor and checking for stragglers and unlocked security gates.

She’d been sitting in the food court for hours, transfixed on nothing, unaware of her surroundings. Her eyes gazed into oblivion, while an army of humming sounds piercing her ears grew louder. Glued to her seat, but incapable of fending off the intrusive haziness, waves of anguish shot through every frayed nerve in her body, enveloping her entire being.

Exhausted and numb, the woman clutched her small pocketbook with clammy hands, pressing it firmly against her lap. Her shoulders slumped. Nestled squarely between her slender legs sat two overstuffed shopping totes.

“Ma’am? We’re closing up. Time to go home now,” announced an older security guard from the far corner of the court.

No response.

“Ma’am?” the guard repeated more forcibly, beginning to approach.

Every night the same damn thing. Shooing folks out, the guard thought absently.

But the damaged woman never budged.

For the life of me, why don’t they all just go home when they’re supposed to…

“You’re really gonna have to leave. Everyone wants to go home, too,” Officer Ike said, exasperated. “Ma’am, for the last time!” he said as loudly as he could, finally coming around the table to face her.

The disheveled woman never returned eye contact. Instead, a stream of silent tears ran down her damp, ashen face. Her bluish lips quivered uncontrollably.

“Hey, lady! You okay?” the security guard asked, reluctant to touch or startle the distraught woman. Crouching down to eye level, he once more attempted to get her attention, gently whispering, “Ma’am? Can you hear me? Are you okay?” The woman continued to be unresponsive, her sodden face devoid of expression.

Ike glanced around, frantically searching for anybody nearby who could lend him a hand. The only person in the vicinity was an older woman emptying garbage bins, straining her neck to watch.

Ike snatched his radio off his belt. “Phil? Phil?”

A response came less than a second later. “Here. Over.”

“I need you to call the police and an ambulance ASAP. I have a woman located in the food court, age … I’d say approximately late twenties, early thirties, maybe. She appears to be in shock. I don’t want to touch her, and she’s not responding to any of my commands.”

“Roger that.”

Ike attempted again to comfort the woman. “Ma’am, we’re gonna get you some help. Blink if you can hear me.” Her deadpan stare never wavered. Is she on drugs?

He moved closer. “I’m gonna get you help, okay?” Into the radio he yelled, “Phil—tell me something I wanna hear—”

“On their way. Over.”

“It’s gonna be okay, lady. I’m not leaving. I’ll stay right here with you until help arrives.”

Ike yelled across to the cleaning woman, “Hey! Can you get me a bottle of water or somethin’?”

But she shrugged her shoulders, shaking her head ‘no,’ palms facing up to the sky.

“For God’s sake!” he snapped, but before he had a chance to finish the rest of his rant, the crying woman slipped what appeared to be a long, sharp knife from out of her pocketbook. Clenching its handle tightly with both hands, and without the slightest hesitation, she squeezed her eyes shut and plunged the weapon deep into her chest full-force.

“Holy shit! NO!” Ike shouted. “Stop!” He grabbed hold of her wrists to prevent her from pushing the blade in further, but he was too late. “Ah, man … what the fuck did you do, lady?” he pleaded.

Small droplets of saliva trickled out the side of her mouth. Eyes too heavy to remain open fluttered, fighting to stay ajar. Her body, no longer able to support her weight, began to sway.

She broke out of her trance only long enough to lock her glazed stare pleadingly onto him, and faintly mumbled, “Make him stop.”

Her eyes then closed and she collapsed.

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