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Five Must-Have Bookish Accessories

For avid readers and book lovers, reading could be an insightful scholarly experience, a relaxing self-care reboot, and/or a rejuvenating pass-time. While these are not an inclusive list, you get the gist, avid readers and book lovers seek and thrive on comfort. In these lights, book lovers like to surround themselves with other elements which enhance their reading moments. Therefore, check out five bookish accessories that make reading fun for book lovers.

1. A Cool Bookmark

Books are precious to serious readers and book lovers. Therefore, they don’t dog-ear book pages. Instead, they opt for a gentle marker. One that is preferably inspiring and puts a smile on a face whenever they must pause. That marker is usually a bookmark.

2. A Portable Reading Lamp

It’s very easy for book lovers and readers to get lost in the pages of their books until the wee hours of the night or in the early hours of the day as reading is relaxing during both edges of the day. So, having a portable reading lamp allows them to read anytime without bothering those around them. If they live alone, the lamp allows the indescribable ambiance/vibe of dimmed lights of trying of wind down. You will need to keep extra batteries with you for emergencies if you plan on getting a portable lamp. You can never be too cautious. Portable reading lamps are also convenient in places where there is no light at night like in camping, in a bus or a car during a (road) trip, etc. Besides, they are also very affordable like bookmarks. So, you will not spending an arm and a leg to get one. Above all, a portable reading lamp is a wonderful investment.

3. A CD Player

Audiobooks are a type of oral storytelling. It fits right in with our African and spiritual ancestry. Plus, the voices are played well and wittily. They are not reduced or flattened by the writing form. Thus, getting a regular CD player is must-have. The greatest advantage with this accessory is that it is portable and allows you to move around your home or town without draining the battery of your phone. Like the reading lamp, you will also need to have back up batteries to keep enjoying its services. So, it goes without saying that it is also a great affordable investment. Plus, it doesn’t have to be too fancy. You just need to be able to listen to your next favorite book when you want.

4. A Smartphone

We are in the digital age and having a smartphone is a bit of a necessity. A Smartphone makes it easy to read both eBooks and listen to audiobooks in a matter of seconds. While booklovers also enjoy book mail, they also love to get their favorite author’s book being delivered promptly to their phone or reading device on release day. With a smartphone, they can dive right in and skip the waiting game with the delivery man for a physical book.

5. Earplugs

Last and not least. The last bookish must-have for a book lover is earplugs. These go and in hands with Accessories 3 and 4. Without earplugs, you lose a little bit of privacy and intimacy with your audiobook that is readily downloadable or the book’s CD you are listening to.

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