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Fofky's Kitchen Collection © : An African Cookware Collection

Fofky's Kitchen Logo © .... Coming Soon insha'Allah

What utensils are found in an African kitchen aside the other universally known stuff such as a knife? So, check out some of our African tools.

Many are make-shift and at the same time not always needed for all dishes. They often give the African vibe sought when making a REAL traditional dish. And truly, there are alternatives to all of these; from the mortar and pestle to the hand-blender to the African spatula, cauldron, etc.

However, it would be nice to have a special African collection of cookware for and by Africans. And this is where Fofky's Kitchen Collection © comes in. Masha'Allah. Do you like the logo? Duas requested!

In peace,

The Fofky's Kitchen Team

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