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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

These macarons are nut free and use the flours of white yam, sweet potatoes, and plantain bananas. I created these alternatives because I love macarons but I'm allergic to nuts. Furthermore, I didn't want macarons with flavored filling of the flour.

I actually wanted the flavor of these West African tastes in the WHOLE cookie.

You can also check out muffins with the same flours.

Try these sugar cookies and let us know what you think.

Author : Fofky

Time : 60 - 120 minutes per color

Level of difficulty : Hard

Yield : 12 - 24 for each color (sugar cookie or muffin)

Request the recipes if you're interested in making them.

Depicted above are:

- White Yam Macarons with chocolate ganage filling

- Sweet Potato Macarons with chocolate ganage filling

- Plantain Banana Macarons (Yellow and Green) with chocolate ganage filling

- White Yam Muffins (White Muffins)

- Sweet Potato Muffins (Orange Muffins)

- Plantain Banana Muffins (Yellow and Green)

- White Yam Single Sugar Cookies

- Sweet Potato Single Sugar Cookies

- Plantain Banana Single Sugar Cookies

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Fofky's Kitchen Recipes

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