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Jelly of "Fruits de Bois"

Updated: Jan 16, 2021


Mango Jelly is something we grew up indulging on especially during the summer as we had many trees—Orange, lemon, mangoes— in our backyard. In this post however we will give recipes for both mango jelly and jelly of fruits de bois; berries.

Time : 1 day Level of difficulty : Easy Yield : varies Ingredients - 11 Strawberries

- 5 Prunes

- 1 pint of Blueberries

- 1 pint of Grapes

- 1 cup of sugar (white) for each type of fruits or enough to cover each type of fruits in a container. Tip* Brown sugar doesn't work well with this recipe.

Procedure - Wash each fruit type separately and put them in separate boiling pots - Add the sugar to each pot. The sugar should cover all the fruits - Close the pots with their respective lids and let the fruits sit overnight - The next day, there should be juices in your pots - Boil them until soft and no longer watery

- Cool the confitures and transfer them in glass jars.

- Then, refrigerate.

Prune Jelly Grape and Blueberry Jellies Strawberry Jelly


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Ingredients - 1 - 3 mangoes (ripe or not)

- Sugar to taste

Procedure - Wash and peel the mangoes - Cut the mangoes in slices and boil them in a pot - When cooked, blend them( the soft slices) and sugar the melange to taste

- Store in a jar and refrigerate.

Enjoy high-fructose free confitures!

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