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Jumada-II Book Club Recap


Assalamu aleikum Dear Readers!

A Review by Musart Ellaahi

Adam and Zayneb's love story revolves around a beautiful connection that should be a wonderful demonstration to the new generation of what true love really is. Adam, a Muslim revert, has this wonderful aura that you can genuinely feel through the entire book. You forget about his description when you learn more and more about the little things he does or thinks as a person. He makes the most innocent mistakes which he is instantly happy to admit in order to comfort Zayneb.

Zayneb has this sort of selfish side that makes the reader feel like she only cares about herself. However, the journey that she's gifted through Adam from his father as a wedding gift changes her completely. I love how S.K. Ali shows this side of a person who has gone to Umrah without the intention that one truly requires and makes the mistakes of not appreciating the journey as one should but how can being in the most spiritual lands not change you? I just loved this twist at the end. My expectations were that most possibly their relationship will suffer like many do in the early stages, where distance, jealousy, lack of success and possibly spirituality is lacking. But their true love shows that when they leave their affairs in Allah’s hands how quickly things puzzle back together without any resistance.

I was expecting Zayneb to lash out at Adam when she had every right, but the way she evolved throughout this book was so wonderful to read. It takes a lot for a woman to accept her own mistakes and to grow from them. Zayneb’s interpretation to me was, "Ok she’s not going to let this go easily, she will torment Adam."

Love from Mecca to Medina is such a wonderful read that enlightens you in ways you wouldn’t expect. Sometimes, we expect things in certain ways but if we leave them and look at the bigger picture they come in ways that are best for us.

Check it out on Amazon today!

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