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M.K. Johnston Releases Her 'Halal Comfort Food' Book - The New Muslim's Guide to Going Halal

About M.K. Johnston:

M.K. Johnston is an American-born revert to Islam.  She has a B.A. in Studies in Women and Gender from the University of Virginia.  Although her career path has led her in many directions:  from working as a prison guard, to counseling survivors of domestic abuse, to working with special needs children, to becoming a seller on eBay; M.K. has always had a deep and abiding love for two things:  cooking and writing.  After spending most of her spare time on one or the other interest, she eventually realized that she should combine her two loves and simply write about cooking.  M.K. is the author of Halal Comfort Food: The New Muslim’s Guide to Going Halal, and is currently testing out new recipes for her next cookbook.  M.K. lives in Virginia with her husband and two children, who are generally pretty happy to test out her culinary creations for her, and never seem to mind giving their honest opinions about them. Check out her platform at . 

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