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Upcoming Release : The Gatekeeper's Notebook by Sahar Abdulaziz

Summary : Life looked promising for Kalila Rahim when she and her husband decided to move from New York City to the Pocono Mountains. Despite a fabulous home, a lucrative career, and the birth of a healthy baby boy, the couple’s marriage remained fraught with problems: the most notable, Bashir’s complicated love affair. Angry and hurt, Kalila kicks him out, only to become distraught when she receives a call notifying her of Bashir’s untimely death. Widowed, facing mounting debt, and left to raise their son alone, Kalila decides to move far away and start a new life. However, she soon discovers that burying a husband is a lot simpler than concealing his secrets, especially after her own dark dalliances resurface, threatening to destroy her life.

Sahar Abdulaziz’s new psychological thriller/suspense, The Gatekeeper’s Notebook is a bold and poignant story about love and loss, the past colliding with the present, and the unimaginable devastation caused by spitefulness, arrogance, deceptions, and lies.

The Gatekeeper's Notebook is available on our e-Store here, Djarabi Kitabs Publishing, and Amazon. Get your copy today!

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