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Ramadan Book Club Recap

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Bismillahi ar-rahmani ar-rahim

Assalamu aleikum waramatulahi wabarakatuhu Dear Readers!

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ahlan wa Sahlan Ramadan!

  • Tajweed Made Easy

Summary: The content of the book is presented in color, with distinct sub-headings and easy to understand rules. The points of articulation are particularly presented with colorful realistic diagrams to show the exact place of origin of the letter in the mouth and tongue. Ample examples from the Qur'anic verses are included in each lesson. Each chapter ends with quite a few review questions to reinforce learning and to point out ciritical learning areas. The book covers the following topics: 1- Points of articulation of letters 2- Characteristics of letters 3- Ghunna 4- Qalqalah mechanisms 5- Letters of elevation and lowness 6- Letters of audibility and whisper 7- Rules of noon sakinah and tanween 8- Izhaar Halqui 9- Idghaam, Ikhfa 10- Iqlaab, and other special cases 11- Meem sakinah rules and Lam sakinah rules 12- Lengthening (Mudood rules) and so forth.

Review and Thoughts: Having taken a couple tajweed classes, we can say that this manual summarizes the tajwid rules accurately.

Rating: 5/5

  • Ramadhan in Isolation

Summary: A Collection of Poetry Reflecting Muslim Women’s Trials and Celebrations During the COVID-19 Lockdown. Ramadan 2020 was unlike any the world has ever experienced. Mosques were closed, travel was banned, and gatherings were completely out of the question. Instead of Taraweeh at the mosques, we performed all of our Ibadaat from home. Instead of Iftars with community, we ate with only our households. The COVID-19 pandemic changed how Muslims around the world celebrated Ramadan. This poetry collection is a testament to both the difficulties the pandemic showered upon the Muslim ummah, as well as to the strength that the same ummah wielded to overcome such a trying period.

Review and Thoughts: Raw and honest testaments of Muslimahs of almost all walks of life. The topics range to fatherhood, faith, marriage and much more. We simply hope a print of the book is made available in the future.

Rating: 4/5

  • Secrets of Divine Love

Partial Summary: ...In Secrets of Divine Love, you’ll discover:

  • Allah’s unconditional regard for you so that you are forever encompassed in His care

  • Hundreds of spiritual findings within the Qur’an to strengthen your faith

  • The best ways to repent, so your sins can be transformed into good deeds

  • The unseen symbols behind the forms of prayer to help enhance your worship...

You can watch our podcast with Smart Muslima Podcast at :

Review and Thoughts: The book is very mellow and gives a fresh take on the 99 names of Allah-Asma al Husna. A few things gave us pause like the references of the people's of the book's texts or the lack of mentioning that anger also has a place. We mean Allah is not only As-Salam, He also gets angry and has scary names. We have to be mindful of these to not overstep our boundaries with Him or unleash His wrath on us. So, if we are to reflect His qualities, we can't always turn the other cheek and accept abuse. Just our opinion. Other than a few tidbits, the book is a good read and a wonderful self-help gem.

Rating: 4/5

Thank you for tuning in and reading. Dear Readers & Members, see you in

Shawwal 1442 AH insha'Allah.

Our Usual Book Club Questions Are:

1. What did you like most?

2. What gave you pause?

3. What didn't you like?

4. What are your other thoughts?

5. What question (s) do you have for the author(s)?

6. What questions about the book(s) do you have for the moderator or other members of the discussion(s)?

We look forward to hearing from you.


Books, Teas & Coffees

Until next time, subhanaka Allahumma wa-bihamdika ash-hadu anla ilaha illa anta as-taghfiruka wa atoobu ilayka. (O Allah, You are free from every imperfection; praise be to You. I testify that there is no true god except You; I ask Your Pardon and turn to You in repentance.) Aameen.


The Fofky's Book Club

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