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Reflections From Life: A Muslim's Guide To Inspiration

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Summary: Each one of you has those moments of despair when every act seems to go wrong. You feel that people around you have become your enemy. Life doesn’t seem to be going in the direction you want. Every attempt to put things right becomes a total failure, leaving you with nothing but devastation. This is the exact moment you need a friend, a support or an inspiration to carry on with your efforts. What better friend than one in the form of a book?

Reflections From Life: A Muslim's Guide To Inspiration by Aisha Idris is an inspiring self-help book of 96 pages. Idris is a psychologist, a blogger, freelance writer and a freelance editor. Her book is definitely a good read.

When things look bleak, Reflections From Life can help you see things clearly and regain the confidence you need through salat, dhikr and positive reflections of your own actions and what brought you to rock bottom. For instance, was it your over-reliance on others? Was it your gullibility? Was it your need to save people who don't need saving?

Idris uses many of her personal life examples to relate with the reader on her road to inspiration and enlightenment. You will like many passages from the author because there were well put in words. You can get it on Amazon here.

Rating: 4/5

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