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Remarkable Muslim Women Throughout the Ages -- A Book Review by Musart Ellaahi

Upon first picking up and reading this book, I thought this will be a book of the women I already knew. However, I was taken aback by the stories I read. First of all, my favorite thing about this book was how there's a Remarkable woman in every age and there's possibly more so to this day! This book should be read by those men (I'm sorry, not really sorry!), who always preach that a woman's place is in the home. She's not allowed to be a businesswoman, she's not allowed to go out and work, she's not allowed to do this or that.

Subhanallah, this book is the complete opposite. I always thought that only men were allowed to go onto the battlefield but there's also a woman who was a warrior and protected the Prophet Muhammad during war! And she was highly honored through all of the companions of the prophet JUST LIKE ANY OTHER MAN. That story wowed me and left me thinking there's nothing wrong in women playing an alpha role and the Prophet Muhammad honored her highly for saving his life. She literally hurt herself so badly that Allah had saved her. She still lived a very long brave life that the companions of the Prophet Muhammad asked her to join another battle at the age of 63 and she said yes! I won't give you her name so you can go and discover her story yourself. That story actually made me smile especially that it wasn't only men who protected the holy Prophet; there were women, too. He didn't tell her to go and stay away he let her fight because she was brave like a man!

I was also comforted to know that in every age especially in Islam women were not oppressed at all. They were great leaders, businesswomen, teachers, nurses, warriors and much, much more. It makes me proud to be a woman, because we are created resilient than any other creature in this world. We have the capability and capacity to do anything, Subhanallah! Just look at the lioness in the jungle she goes out to hunt not the male, because it's her duty. Allah has blessed women especially, although I know it's hard being a woman at times, but we are blessed in many ways. Every woman has a talent or a dream as portrayed in this eye-opening book; there are no limits to our capacity. It doesn't matter what day and age, Allah will provide you with the skills, the materials whatsoever you need.

Just trust the Almighty as this book doesn't only teach us about the capabilities of women, it also teaches us the power of faith and having true Tawakkul in Allah.

To end, this book should be celebrated on two beautiful occasions, one International Women's Day and World hijab day because this book most definitely compliments both.

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