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The Art of Mutual Destruction

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

The Art of Mutual Destruction by Neymat Raboobee at The Imperfect Muslimah is a tale woven with vengeance deeds. A love story set in rich crime boss underworld families, there is Iman, a mixed raced Blonde who is the jewel of her gangster grandfather Ibrahim Khan. There is also Iman’s mother who is physically abusive to her daughter she blames for ruining her life while her husband is a womanizer. Iman would do anything to get away from her Mom Aasia and her Politician stepfather.

Now, a few things were glossed over in this story like the setting (place) of the story and the world (the weather) around them. However, we get to just focus on the facts that truly move the story forward. We pick up on hints that money doesn’t make people happy and this is a tale about Rich People Problems. Though, the extent of the feudal families’s riches is not fully explained or given, we get the gist. They are rich folks who can make you disappear without anybody suspecting their involvement.

Some of the characters include Adam who has majorly sinned, Ali Cassim, Waseem, Shaida, James Blackwell and Kat. Ali has such a beautiful name and he is the total opposite. Shaida is lovely. Kat is loyal and pragmatic.

Raboobee is a storyteller, and she spins a tale that gives us a glimpse of what the private lives of hit-men and gangsters lives might look like. Do they have feelings? Do they hate their jobs? Do they want out? What originally drove them to that lifestyle? Do they believe in redemption or God? Are they practicing Believers?

If you want to know, check out the book on Amazon today here. For another book by Raboobee check out this review.

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