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The Ducktrinors Book I & Book II

- Review by Reclaiming Heart

"The best thing I loved about the book is its narration. The book is a great page turner and lures us till the end. Papatia narrates the chapters from different timelines and this leaves the reader curious until the end. The story reveals through various characters and the usage of self-talk is a win-win. The plot is very fast paced and includes so many characters and details. But telling the story through people makes it simple to follow along." — Farzana Fathima , Reclaiming Heart

- Podcast with Naptime is Sacred

"Everybody [all the characters] brought something to the table." — Fousia Abdullahi, Naptime is Sacred

- Interview with _EatReadLive

- Review with Dr. Shahira

"The book keeps you on the edge – looking forward to the next chapter...Having grown up with the Harry Potter series and knowing the inside-out of the series, I feel the Ducktrinor series will be a similar-themed adventure series for the young Muslim adult...Kudos to the author for being a trendsetter in the world of Muslim science fiction for the young adult." — By Shahira

- Review with Be Flawless Muslims

"In a sentence... It was a thrilling and satisfying read...Recommendation? IT’S A MUST READ!" — Rimsha Tanaaz, Be Flawless Muslims .

- Interview with The Umm Afraz Muhammed Blog

"...Filled with high-tech gadgets and futuristic concepts, this would be a hit with the early teens who have an interest in this genre... I would definitely say this is a step into Islamic sci-fi. Papatia Feauxzar has taken a bold and brave step into this genre and I am looking forward to more of her creativity." — The Umm Afraz Muhammed Blog

- Review with The Imperfect Muslimah

"The Ducktrinors is a compilation of the first two books in the Jihad Series. This series is not likely to be one you’ve come across before – Muslim sci-fi novels are few and far between, after all... All in all, a good, interesting read that you’ll probably end up going back to once or twice." — The Imperfect Muslimah

- Interview with The Imperfect Muslimah

"The Ducktrinors is quite long but it’s a quick read – it took me just a few hours to reach the final page and it was nice to have a well tied up ending along with some interest toward the future of the series as well." — The Imperfect Muslimah

- Review by Halal Mama

"I really got hooked and have gone through the 500-odd pages in just few hours! ... The book is filled with Islamic references, cleverly tied into the story through Ducktrinors' conversations and descriptions of their halaqa sessions. Although we don't know the specific time setting, there are some strong indicators that the end of times is near: our characters having to hide their religious beliefs, women appearing naked despite being dressed, buildings so tall they seem to never end - to just mention a few. The book is a really engaging way to teach or remind the readers some basic Islamic principles."— Halal Mama

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