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Today, Tomorrow & Never

Summary: After a plane crash that leaves Camelia and her family in grave danger, a series of strange and mysterious occurrences begin appearing. She returns home from college one day to find her mother is missing, her home vanishes before her eyes, but then suddenly all seems fine again, her home and mother returns, although now she seems different. ‘What got into her? What happened to mum?’

Suddenly her lecturer, Professor Carlos becomes invisible, her best friend Jen disappears, and she feels the intruder or the monstrous creature is still lingering within her compound. Should she scream for help, or should she overturn the intruder?

Camelia witnessed a gunshot on a forehead, streaming of blood flowing. Who murdered her friend?

Dr. Mark is in search of missing digital diamond-shaped chips. Will pursuing the lover of his life from university, Casendra is able to satisfy his thirst for selfish invention, romance or will it leads to death?

What phenomenon could it be?

Thoughts: Today, Tomorrow & Never is a science and highly technical mystery and the second authored book by Sherlina Idid. The story is mind-boggling because of the events and timelines intertwined between the plots. Since the author is non-US based, the style of speech and narration is a bit different to what we are used to. But overall, we found Today, Tomorrow & Never an intriguing read. It comes out April 3rd, 2022. Check it out on Amazon here.

Rating: 4/5

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