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Upcoming Release : The Certified Accountant

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Genre: Accounting/Finance Thriller

Issata Waree once enjoyed the life of an ethical accountant. When her genius mentor Gahussou Ledger snaps and quits corporate accounting, she finds herself reassessing her own careful and lackluster life choices. Soon enough, she becomes a rogue certified public accountant and drowns blissfully in that thrilling and short-lived happiness.

When the underworld crime boss business Issata is involved in lands on the the FBI's radar, she is compelled to provide a client list in order to save her neck.

The resulting shock wave is the rapid number of foes she amasses. So, Issata does what she knows best; going on a rampage to protect herself and seek revenge for the loved ones who lost their lives due to her actions.

The Certified Accountant is a well-rounded thriller that combines the unseen world, different faiths, redemption, politics, fantasy, ethics and most of all testifies to the the fact that of all mankind sins. 

***Coming November 2020 insha’Allah***

Pre-order available on Amazon and Djarabi Kitabs Publishing.

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